What goes on back there? The question all dog groomers hate. 

What goes on back there? Do you have some secret lair? A torture chamber? Why is that dog barking? Is he scared? Who’s back there hurting him?
These are the questions that all groomers hate. What’s going on back there are people loving up on your dogs. They’re back there bathing them, or giving them a bowl of water and a fluffy towel to relax on. There might be groomers back there joking around with their co-workers, just like you do at your job, and probably fetching your dog a treat. 

There might be dogs that are scared to come to the groomer because they’re not used to the experience. They might bark because they’re not kennel trained, or maybe they’re dog aggressive, or they have not experienced having their nails touched before. For dogs that don’t go to a groomer frequently enough its probably a lot like being dropped off with an alien whom you don’t understand and can’t figure out exactly what you’re expected to do. They think they’re being punished and don’t know what they’ve done to be separated from the people that they love. 

Your dogs don’t want you to leave them, remember you’re their number one. Most of the time when you leave they do just fine with us, even though they’d really rather they were home with you. Please remember that we can only do the best that we can to make your dog comfortable. If going to the groomer is a foreign concept for your dog, they’re likely going to be really nervous and might even do things they normally wouldn’t like bite, scratch, bark, or whine. 

No we don’t have a torture chamber out back. MOST groomers love dogs and would never do anything to harm their favourite companion. We’ve chosen to spend all day working with dogs even after being pooped on (and yes, we’ve all been pooped on).  Most of us own our own furry friend and treat all of our clients as if they were our own. 

This isn’t to say that accidents don’t happen. They do, but a lot less frequently than you’d think. We’re trained to use sharp tools to cut the hair of a moving target, who isn’t always the most cooperative client and doesn’t usually know how to sit still. Sometimes a head, or a leg, or a bum moves too quickly, but most of the time we know how to avoid any scratches or cuts. Matting is a major reason why groomers are accused of nicking a dog and most of the time it’s actually a mat that’s too tight and has been left too long that causes the redness. Matting tugs at your dog’s skin. It’s heavy, painful, and cuts off circulation. Reds bumps, swelling, infection, parasites, and scratches are examples of what mats can conceal. 

Dogs in good condition who visit a regular groomer every 4-8 weeks usually love their pet stylist. They’re often excited to see them. They might still be hesitant to leave mom or dad, however they are are ok with going to see their friend who does weird things to them, but also give them treats and lots of love, and after makes mom and dad really happy. That’s what it’s all about for us. We like to make dogs feel comfortable, healthy, and loved in the short amount of time that they’re with us. 


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My name is Mackenzie, but almost everyone calls me Mack. I started writing when I was in the fifth grade after I finished reading the first 3 installments of the Harry Potter saga. I'm now 25 and have yet to do anything lasting with my talent, so I present to you Ordinary, Average, Everyday. I'm partial to fiction but also love a good opinion piece. You will frequently see the elements of animals, nature, and music on this blog. I will also chat about life in my twenties as a (new) dog groomer. Please read my first post "Likely, a lengthy description" for more information on the creation of this blog.

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