Old dogs 

As a groomer I have the utmost privilege of working with your beloved pets. It’s not something I take lightly. I groom each dog with my whole heart. I appreciate all of your pets, but none are more special to me than the mottled grey faces. 

I’ve met a lot of old dogs and each have a quality that younger dogs do not seem to have. Their older faces have a sweet calmness, a permanent smile, that only a long and blissful life can provide. Their eyes are often clouded with age, but behind the fog is the twinkle of undying loyalty. 

I’m often a stranger to these dogs, but they lay their heads on my lap or chest and I see appreciation in their otherwise blind eyes. Many young dogs push back with resistance against grooming, but my old friends try their best. They stand after I’ve done everything to make them more comfortable. They could sit or even lay down for the process, I’m sure I’ve shown them that it’s ok to relax, but they never do. 

I had an old girl in for grooming yesterday morning who was one of these special souls. Her joints were so tired. Her dad let me know that she might collapse because she can’t support her weight for too long anymore. Her legs failed her a few times, but she tried so hard to stay still and to stand. There were so many times I looked into her cloudy eyes and touched her sweet, grey face and saw the unconditional love of my childhood dogs. I’m sure the groom was uncomfortable for her, but her body language stayed loose and her tail didn’t stop wagging for our entire visit. 

It’s no secret that I love all dogs and I’ll never understand why some people don’t. When I started my journey to becoming a groomer almost two years ago I never imagined just how many dogs would earn a space in my heart. They’ve all squashed their way in and have changed me. You spend your relationship with your dogs trying to teach them something, but everyday I learn to live more appreciatively from your old dogs. 


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My name is Mackenzie, but almost everyone calls me Mack. I started writing when I was in the fifth grade after I finished reading the first 3 installments of the Harry Potter saga. I'm now 25 and have yet to do anything lasting with my talent, so I present to you Ordinary, Average, Everyday. I'm partial to fiction but also love a good opinion piece. You will frequently see the elements of animals, nature, and music on this blog. I will also chat about life in my twenties as a (new) dog groomer. Please read my first post "Likely, a lengthy description" for more information on the creation of this blog.

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