Getting out of the misc. section 

Being a writer is interesting. Sometimes words pour out and other times the creative tap runs dry. For the last six months I’ve had no desire to write. I’ve been lost in monotony with nothing interesting to say. I’ve been taking in a lot of novels, nature, music and the company of my little dog Bane. 

Today, I watched a documentary called “It Might Get Loud” which profiles guitar greats Jack White, Jimmy Page, and The Edge. These three musical geniuses came together and basically just hung out and chatted about their careers together for this doc. If you’re into music, specifically great guitarists this is a must see. It’s just an hour and a half of guitar solos and music talk. 

Watching this doc made me realize I have a creativity that I haven’t been using. I’ve been lazy. Not in the physical sense, but definitely in the mental sense. I’ve been letting other’s do the creating for me. 

I read a good post the other day that discussed taking your blog and simplifying it. Picking one topic that you’re an expert on and rolling with it. The problem is with my journalism background I was supposed to appear to be an expert on everything. I don’t have that one topic that I’m passionate about, but I’m going to try and find it. Here’s what I do know. I’ve been enjoying learning about dogs, I like music, I take a lot of photos, I read a lot of books and I like to take long walks in the woods. I don’t care much for fashion, excersizing, or cooking extravagant meals (so no basic blog stuff I guess). 

For now my blog remains in the miscellaneous section, but I look foward to letting my creative juices start to flow again. 


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My name is Mackenzie, but almost everyone calls me Mack. I started writing when I was in the fifth grade after I finished reading the first 3 installments of the Harry Potter saga. I'm now 25 and have yet to do anything lasting with my talent, so I present to you Ordinary, Average, Everyday. I'm partial to fiction but also love a good opinion piece. You will frequently see the elements of animals, nature, and music on this blog. I will also chat about life in my twenties as a (new) dog groomer. Please read my first post "Likely, a lengthy description" for more information on the creation of this blog.

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