About a great man

Today I said goodbye to my Poppa. A sinking feeling has come over me a few times over the last few days. Not only did I lose a monumental figure from my life but I lost the other half of a bonded pair of people. I lost my Poppa and the last piece of my Nana. Everyone’s grandparents are special, but these two people touched so many lives and today this was very evident.

To me and many others my Poppa was a selfless man with the purest heart. Until his last breath he worried and fussed over everyone, but himself.
He was the guy who let me paint my bedroom at his house however I wanted and never painted over the mess. He would set up a tent for me in the summer even though he knew I’d run in before the night was over because I was afraid of coyotes. He let me make “experiments” in the kitchen and never expected my to clean up the mess. He took me fishing even though I scared away every fish with my chatter. He would take me on adventures through the woods and we’d walk for what seemed like hours with homemade walking sticks.

As time went on my Poppa put up with teenage mood swings and opened his home to an array of my teenage friends. He let me have lawn mower races in the fields and bon fires in his backyard. He always stocked the house full of mine and my brother’s favourite snacks. As an adult he regularly gave me job advice. He fixed my car and was even in the process of doing some body work on it before we found out he was sick.

Most importantly my Poppa uplifted me and encouraged me to step outside of my comfort zone. He often pleaded with me to be more courageous and to gain some self esteem.

My finest memories were spent at my Poppa and Nana’s house. I will forever miss the way it smelled, and how comfortable I always felt there. I will miss Sunday dinners where Poppa would trick me into making tea for the two of us each week and the vanilla McCain cakes. I will miss his teasing and surprise lunch dates to Sam’s or Pedro’s. I’ll miss sneaking the twenties he slipped me into his car or jacket pocket when he wasn’t paying attention.

If you’ve never lost a grandparent you’re lucky because your heart breaks in a particularly painful way.


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My name is Mackenzie, but almost everyone calls me Mack. I started writing when I was in the fifth grade after I finished reading the first 3 installments of the Harry Potter saga. I'm now 25 and have yet to do anything lasting with my talent, so I present to you Ordinary, Average, Everyday. I'm partial to fiction but also love a good opinion piece. You will frequently see the elements of animals, nature, and music on this blog. I will also chat about life in my twenties as a (new) dog groomer. Please read my first post "Likely, a lengthy description" for more information on the creation of this blog.

5 thoughts on “About a great man”

  1. MacKenzie that is an awesome tribute to your Poppa. Sometimes the greatest legacy a person can leave are the memories in the hearts and minds of people of the people we loved.


  2. I’m so happy to have met your Nana and Poppa, Mackenzie. You lost your Nana two years ago and I missed seeing her when I was visiting you in May, but Poppa came to your Mom and Dad’s a couple of times, so I got to see him. I’m so thankful for those visits and crib games, because before we knew it, Poppa was gone, too. He will be sadly missed by all, most especially by your Mom, Dad, you and Matthew. Love, Nanny


  3. That was a beautiful tribute to your Poppa, Mckenzie. I am so sorry for the loss of your Poppa but also feeling so happy to hear about all the wonderful memories you have of him. That is the real beauty of life – sharing it with special loved ones and cherishing so many special times together. I know how deeply missed he will be. I love you and am so very proud of you. xoxo


  4. What beautiful words MacKenzie. It was so evident all through the years how much you loved your Poppa and Nana and how much they loved you. You and your brother were the center of their world. You will miss Poppa now terribly but be able to smile at all your precious memories that cannot be taken from you.


  5. Those words were some soothing . Yes he and Liz were one of a kind,and was God’s plan for us to meet so many years ago.liz always had a soft way about her and reg well he just know what to say,if he didn’t he always made you feel good when you left.they both showed me a the Lord in more ways they you can think,Reg could explanation the Lord’s word perfectly . I will miss them dearly but their not far just a voice away,We can talk to them anytime we want .cause their alive in our heart’s . AMEN to that.so God bless Mckenzie you have two GUARDIAN ANGELES .


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